Why weren’t the parents informed of the assessment? Why isn’t there a date sheet?

Our school does not offer “exams” or “tests” in the conventional sense of the word - there are no date sheets. To provide an authentic process of student understanding, assessments are ongoing and unannounced.

The school claims that the learning process is hands-on and activity based. Then why are the children doing questions and answers?

Hands on and activity based learning does not mean that there will only be objective and no subjective questioning. Besides fill in the blanks, mcqs and labelling children are taught to synthesize and process information by inferring and reaching conclusions in a question/answer format too.

This topic was taught last year. How can my child remember it?

Children are systematically trained and encouraged to apply their learning of previous years as they transition from one grade to the next. The syllabus of every grade is an extension of the previous grade.

My daughter was sick. What happens if she missed an assessment?

Assessments are actually class work that is graded to check the students understanding. So, unless your daughter has been absent for very long, her grades will not be affected as her percentage is calculated from the total of her attempted assessments only. A dash on the report card represents insufficient data for evaluation.

Why was the test so long? (Grades IV/V)

Gradually children are weaned to expand their focal span otherwise even very smart children crumble under the stress of not being able to stay focused for more than a few minutes.

How can you have one assessment of 15 marks? It is too much.

For one it is easier to mark but more importantly the total marks of all assessments are converted into a percentage – so the grand total of all assessments in a subject could be 50 or 150 but the result will only reflect the percentage.

Why didn’t the teacher read out the comprehension?

In classes III-V the comprehensions are carefully selected according to the grade level and must be done independently by the students. This develops their ability to skim, scan and infer.

The school claims that the learning process is hands-on and activity based. Then why are the children expected to learn by heart? (Grades IV/V)

It is imperative that some educational material like definitions, formulas and tables have to be learnt and memorized. It is just one of the learning tools and is not to be expected without proper understanding.