Dream Big Work Hard Make It Happen

Director's Welcome

I am delighted to be able to offer a warm welcome to LGS. I am thrilled to be leading this community of schools during this exciting time in history. At JT, we view diversity as our biggest strength as we aim to inspire in our students the curiosity to learn, the self-confidence to lead and the compassion to serve. As we do this, our primary source of insight and energy is our students’ validation, critique and innovative ideas. I hope our website gives you a sense of how ambitious, purposeful and busy we are having embarked on this mission!

Mrs. Samina Rahman

Principal's Message

It is truly an honor to serve as Principal of Lahore Grammar School. We believe that every student has the potential to develop into a well-rounded individual who is capable of mastering the skills that are essential to achieve academic excellence and success in an ever-changing world. Our staff desires to know each student personally and to help students reach their maximum potential.  We strive to develop all aspects of each child – physical, academic, and social-emotional. The foundation of our institute is firmly grounded in age-old principles of respect and honor, with an emphasis on the value of time and discipline in life. We have and will continue to build communities of civilized individuals; who will become a thriving part of this Great Nation tomorrow. Let’s join hands in strengthening up the foundation of our future generations!

Ms. Zeila Azhar

Reach your potential and beyond We’re a school that celebrates giving your all to everything. It’s our focus on effort and character where things get interesting and life-changing learning begins.

Our Campus

At LGS Sargodha, we see that spark of greatness in each student. We help our students turn hopes into achievement and hard work into results. Along the way, they discover that greatness takes many forms — a breakthrough English paper, an act of kindness, a game winning goal. It's all about discovering talents and putting them into action.

Rise to the Challenge

Active, engaged, and out of their seats. Our distinctive programs bolster the way students learn best: by doing. Every moment spent as a Grammarian at LGS Sargodha takes students farther than they ever thought possible.

A Transformative Experience

Push yourself to be remarkable. Uncover your passions, challenge your perspectives, and engage with a diverse group of peers and mentors who will influence your journey forever.